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Asset Tracking

Keep track of your business at the most detailed level.


The thought of taking inventory of your physical assets can be extremely overwhelming. Our Information Management Systems team understands how intimidating and time consuming a project of this magnitude can be, and is ready and waiting to step in when you call. We will come assess the situation and develop a plan to appropriately track your assets. By utilizing our asset tracking software, you will never lose track of any of your things, or any information about your things, again.


Our team will apply bar codes to your items, then store your list of assets, along with their locations, in a database we have created for your personal use. Save yourself the time it takes to inventory your items and let the professionals at Bradford Systems do it for you.

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Bradford Systems Quality Services


The information held within every business comes with unique processes, practices, and safeguards — Bradford Systems understands this and has been providing customized information management solutions for municipal entities, major corporations, and small businesses for almost 50 years. From asset tracking to file room outsourcing, we’re truly the experts in organization.


By employing a permanent Information Management team that fully understands our high-quality business standards, we continually gain the respect and business of companies everywhere.

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