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Desience Console Systems

Command (with organization and order)


Now partnering with Russ Bassett and their industry-standard Desience line of Dispatch and Console systems; users in Network Operations Centers, Special Operations Command Centers, Emergency Operations Centers and Operations Command Centers can depend on the design and build quality of Desience Modular Consoles.


Console Features


  • Desience Consoles incorporate several unique design features that are the result of extensive industry research and customer feedback.


  • The ergonomic and modular design make Desience Consoles the ideal solution to meet the varied requirements of both personnel and technology in a multitude of mission critical work environments.


  • Desience Consoles offer advanced ergonomics, unmatched structural integrity, advanced technology integration and customization options



Key Elements

  • Modular Ergonomic Design
  • Unparalleled Structural Integrity
  • Height-Adjustable Worksurfaces
  • Technology Integration
  • Customization Options
  • Monitor Display Solutions
  • Anti-Collision Technology
  • Unlimited Configuration Options