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Evidence Management

Evidence Tracking & Materials Management



There’s never been a better time to invest in a dynamic evidence tracking system. Bradford Systems’ NetTrax system has long proven to be a powerful materials management tool. Now with complete evidence management capabilities, your department can easily afford to utilize this technology to improve your evidence handling.


Complete chain of custody data means the evidence collected at the crime scene will hold up in court and eliminate any doubts as to where it’s been and how it’s been stored.  Utilizing bar code labeling means we can track evidence more efficiently and save a great deal of time.  You can also combine the NetTrax Evidence Tracking system with a Bradford Systems Evidence Storage System for a complete solution!


Evidentiary materials come in just about every shape and size and present significant challenges when they need to be stored. Litigation processes can take years and evidence storage sometimes requires indefinite retention. Managing evidence requires a lot of space and also a high security environment.


Bradford Systems’ 40+ years of unique storage designs include solutions for law enforcement agencies that allow maximum use of space to store evidence. Utilizing Spacesaver collapsible aisle systems eliminates practically 100% of wasted space while also providing a very unique method of “locking down” the materials it stores. Our storage planners design evidence storage systems that fit available space like a glove. After a complete survey of your evidence storage area and an analysis of the desired outcome, we’ll provide you with detailed architectural drawings custom designed for your evidence room. We’re on GSA contract and will provide you with the best valued solutions in quality Spacesaver high density storage systems.


Check out what the Skokie, IL Police Department had to say about their new system: