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Evidence Storage Solutions

Police departments and law enforcement facilities depend on one thing when it comes to evidence storage—any storage solution needs to help maintain a solid chain of custody. Losing or misplacing a piece of evidence isn’t just a department’s problem; it can quickly become a PR crisis, and in extreme cases, cause a department to lose grant money and the support of its community.


We want to help you that. Managing evidence is a critical and imperative process—one that can be helped through organized and efficient short-term and long-term evidence storage. Our evidence storage options include, evidence lockers, long-term evidence shelving through the use of high-density mobile storage systems, and more are specifically designed to preserve the chain of custody and maximize available space.

Short-Term Evidence Lockers


Evidence lockers are designed to provide a secure space for short-term evidence storage. Available with two distinct storage processes and a wide range of options, each bank of lockers is built to your department’s specific needs and protocols.

Secure Evidence Storage Lockers at Skokie Police Department

Pass-Thru Lockers

Pass-thru lockers are built directly into the wall, allowing evidence to be dropped off at one side and retrieved from the other. These lockers offer a full-size rear door allowing authorized personnel to remove items quickly and reset the locker openings for use. An optional front-lock-out system automatically locks the front doors when the rear door is opened preventing unauthorized access to the evidence and property room through a locker opening.

Non Pass-Thru Secure Evidence Storage Locker

Non-Pass-Thru Lockers

Non-pass-thru lockers are mounted against the wall, and allow evidence to be deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing door. The lockers can be easily transformed to our pass-thru lockers at a later date.

Evidence Lockers: Safety Features


All lockers come equipped with Spacesaver’s Keyless Locking System— a no-keys-required unattended evidence deposit; push button, keyless locks on all doors; and multi-point locking systems on all doors.

For a department wanting to increase their security further, we offer ControLoc, a computerized monitoring system that integrates with your evidence tracking procedures. Features include:

  • On-demand activity report generation
  • Automatic door locking when not being accessed
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location
  • Windows-based software and on-site setup/training
  • Choice of card access or numeric control pad options
Secure Evidence Storage Lockers at Skokie Police Department
Secure Evidence Lockers at Skokie Police Department

Skokie Police Department Protects Evidence With Temporary Lockers


Located just outside of Chicago, the Skokie Police Department was experiencing plenty of issues with an old Property and Evidence Room that wasn’t doing its job. Evidence was stored in a janitor’s closet, and space was so tight that technicians had to use the floor to package large pieces of evidence. By installing pass-thru evidence lockers, protection and integrity of short-term evidence storage was ensured, creating a more efficient and well-maintained chain of custody for the 23 evidence technicians who run the room 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Refrigerated components were also installed into the pass-thru lockers for biological evidence preservation.

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Refrigerated Evidence Lockers


Biological evidence storage has its own set of preservation criteria and to assist, our refrigerated evidence lockers are engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit, and include a digital alarm to warn of inconsistency in temperature. Refrigerated compartments are available in multiple sizes and can be integrated into pass-thru or non-pass-thru evidence lockers.

Refrigerated Evidence Storage in Secure Evidence Locker at Skokie Police Department

Long-Term Evidence Storage Options


It’s estimated that 1% of evidence makes it to court—the other 99% needs to be stored in a secure manner in case it ever makes it there. Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage compacts evidence inventory, enabling you to store more in the same amount of space while offering a safe, secure way to store your long-term evidence. Compact mobile storage options include:

Long-Term Evidence Storage on Lateral Moving Shelves at Skokie Police Department

Standard/Low Profile: Our standard powered or mechanical assist system is ideal for the evidence inventory of nearly any department. For those looking to relocate or expand in the near future, our low-profile system creates the same kind of storage savings as our standard system, paired with a modular floor system.


Heavy-Duty Storage: For heavy evidence items, ActivRAC high-density mobile storage system is a great option. Holding weights from 7,000 to 30,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC can hold those couches, bumpers, and other bulky inventory that takes up space in the footprint of your evidence room or off-site storage facility.


Archival Storage: Do you have boxes of evidence inventory that can be archived? Our XTend High-Bay Archival Storage Systems are available in mobile or static applications, giving you the option to maximize every inch of your property and evidence facility by storing inventory from floor to ceiling.

Long-Term Evidence Storage at Skokie Police Department

Organized Long-Term Evidence Storage with Mobile Shelving at Skokie PD


With its proximity to the city of Chicago and being home to one of the most popular shopping malls in the area, the police department in the village of Skokie, Illinois was consistently processing and storing large capacities of stolen merchandise. They often ran out of space to store evidence, and wanted to make a change to their long-term evidence storage when the department got the chance to renovate a building for its headquarters.


To assist, we installed high-density mobile storage systems to make sure they were able to capitalize on available space and create a more organized solution for their new Property and Evidence Room.

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Creating a solid chain of custody means rethinking your evidence storage. Download our Evidence Lockers brochure to learn about your options.

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