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Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

What could you do with more space?

With high-density mobile shelving, you can imagine the possibilities.


High-density mobile shelving—or as we like to call it, “shelves that move”—creates additional space by eliminating fixed aisles and putting static shelving on moveable carriages, compacting your inventory and allowing you to store more in the same footprint.


More space in your business is more than just room for more inventory or equipment—it can actually create a happier, more productive environment.

Mobile Shelving: The Details

Depending on your needs, there are three control options for standard high-density mobile storage:

  • Powered: Mobile carriages are powered with the press of a button or by way of Touch Technology Control™, and LCD touchscreen
  • Mechanical Assist: Carriages move with the help of an ergonomic, three-spoke mechanical handle
  • Manual: Mobile carriages move with an easy-to-use handle

When your storage is on display, different design elements sometimes need to be integrated into the system. Custom end panels and other aesthetically pleasing features can be incorporated into our standard mobile shelving systems.

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Standard High-Density Mobile Shelving in Action

Custom End Panels on Lateral Mobile Shelving for University of Notre Dame Football Team

Mobile Shelving Creates Space for Notre Dame Football


For the University of Notre Dame’s football team, lack of space to store equipment was having an adverse effect on the team. To help organize and differentiate their game and practice gear, four high-density mobile storage systems were installed, outfitted with metal shelving to ensure every piece of equipment had a secure home. The systems featured custom end-panels with photos of the team’s helmets and an aerial shot of the stadium, and the mechanical-assist handles were dipped into the same shade of signature gold as the team’s helmets. The finished room has turned out to be a showpiece for the school—and a source of pride when it comes to the recruitment process.

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Chicago’s Field Museum Uses Compact Shelving for Specialized Collections


Located in downtown Chicago, the Field Museum designed a building specifically for managing collection growth and doubling as a workspace for scientists. With the overarching goal of condensing space to plan for continuous artifact growth, over 250 standard mobile carriages were installed.  The systems had to match unique storage needs of numerous departments with varying item dimensions.  The standard mobile shelving systems were outfitted at times with pullout racks and trays, cantilever shelving, wide-span metal shelving, and more in order to meet each departments demands.

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Mobile Shelving System Provides Easy Access to Specimen Storage

Low-Profile High-Density Mobile Shelving


In a perfect world, every business would own the right square footage of space.  The perfect building would entail enough space for future needs and growth for everything storage. However, outgrowing a space is common—and for many businesses, they may think the only option is a renovation or a completely new building.


There is another option. Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse Low-Profile High-Density Mobile Shelving—what we call the “little brother” to our standard mobile shelving, can be utilized with XpressDEK, a modular floor system that provides the same level of strength and flexibility of a traditional anchored rail with a low-install impact in cost and site disturbance. With this system, your storage needs can be met now—and into the future.

Compact Shelving for Athletic Equipment

Interested in learning which high-density mobile storage option would work best for your business? Contact Bradford Systems today to get a free space assessment.

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