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Industrial High-Density Shelving—The New Way to Store


Today’s warehouses can be a challenge when considering storage options. Many facilities are in need of accommodating large equipment and parts, but still have adequate spaces for the smaller tools, parts and equipment as well.  Employee’s need to be able to retrieve items very quickly and easily in order to stay productive, efficient and increase the company’s bottom line.


We understand that you feel like you have limited space, but we have the ability to install industrial high-density shelving to maximize what you consider to be inadequate space and maximize more than you can imagine.  Take a look at how we, in partnership with trusted manufacturers like Spacesaver and other companies increase your bottom-line, centralize MRO storage, and more.


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Maintenance, Repair and Operations Storage


When dealing with MRO storage, the goal is clear— reducing equipment downtime and lowering the cost of maintenance. MRO inventory can account for as much as 40% of a warehouse manager’s annual procurement budget, this number can be even more if extra parts are ordered but not needed or a large machine experiences downtime due to a long and unexpected repair.

So the question everyone wants to know— How do we keep this number down? Having an organized storage method will decrease the amount of unneeded parts being ordered, followed by a heavy-duty industrial high-density shelving system, like ActivRAC pallet racking. This system provides an easy way to access and manage your inventory 100% of the time.  ActivRAC eliminates lost or misplaced items, which will save money that can be spent on other aspects of the business to increase your bottom line.

Avoid Expensive Expansions


You may think that an expansion or relocation is the only possible solution for your growing industrial warehouse, but what if you could literally store double or triple the amount of storage in the exact same space? Would that make you reconsider an expansion or relocation? We hope so. With mobile industrial high-density shelving, the possibilities are endless— as we mentioned before, the systems can make your storage space double, even triple in the same exact footprint.  Another way to capitalize on space is by looking at the vertical— X-tend High-Bay Shelving offers mobile or non-mobile floor to ceiling storage units.  Again, maximizing your storage space is our main goal as a company.


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ASRS and Vertical Lift Solutions


Looking for a better way to store the goods piled high in your plant or warehouse? Bradford Systems will recover up to 90% of floor space with Modula’s innovative ASRS and industrial lift units. Your team will experience improved workflows and get back the endless hours spent searching, picking, and placing materials, packages, and products. Discover a range of automated storage and retrieval systems featuring revolutionary vertical lift and carousel technology with safe, efficient, and sleek designs.

Learn More

Warehouse Environments are in need of storage that works. Take a look at how our Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving Systems can increase space and revenue by downloading our brochure.



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