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Kwik Lockers

Kwik lockers are a modern solution for today’s storage issues. Ideal for recreational facilities, spas, offices, and athletic rooms, these laminate lockers come with a large variety of options so we can create the ultimate storage design for your area’s unique needs.

Kwik Locker Features

  • Durable, Resistant Material: Constructed with high-quality aluminium and solid grade laminate, Kwik-Lockers are resistant to chlorine and seawater, making them the ideal storage unit for areas that have high moisture content.
  • Modern, Consistent Appearance: Other features, such as the concealed door hinge, leave only the lock and numbering system visible, giving the door an uncluttered, streamlined appearance. The solid, extruded profile keeps the locker square and robust, ensuring gap lines remain consistent throughout the locker system.
  • Innovative Locker Architecture: The dimpled, slotted shelves assist with drainage, while the supporting crossbar found underneath each shelf significantly increases strength and hold. Wet or dry, Kwik-Lockers will set your storage system above the rest.

Kwik Locker Uses

  • Recreation Lockers
    As a recreational center, you are expected to provide secure, dry locker rooms for your users. Kwik Lockers can provide all of that while maintaining a sleek design.
  • Sports Lockers
    Sports lockers take a beating every day. You need a durable system that can handle whatever is thrown, kicked, or passed its way — Kwik Lockers are your solution.
  • Spa Lockers
    As a spa, beautiful design is just as important as security, durability, and efficiency. Kwik Lockers can give you a storage solution that combines all of those things.
  • Office Lockers
    Efficiency, productivity, and reliability are crucial to the success of your business. You need a locker system that reflects those ideals — Kwik Lockers are your answer.
[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design02″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#ffffff” color_txt_main=”#444444″ color_bg_highlight=”#cccccc” color_txt_highlight=”#444444″ package_heading=”Kwik Locker Specs”]
Material:All aluminium components to 5754 H22 Aluminium
Body:1mm thick mill finish aluminium with 30mm radius back corners
Frame:Heavy duty solid extruded profile (anodised aluminium)
Top/base:1mm aluminium with extruded cross bar for extra strength
Shelves:1mm aluminium with raised 15mm square dimples and extruded cross bar for extra strength
Hinges:2mm brushed 304 stainless steel spring loaded self closing hinges with 90° door opening limiter and retaining bar
Doors:12mm solid grade laminate / 6mm toughened glass / 1.2mm aluminium
Standard Sizes:Width: 300mm & 400mm wide

Depth: 400mm & 500mm deep

Height: 1829mm high
Locking Systems:Mastered camlocks, padlock receivers, coin return / retain locks, digilocks
Tiers:1-2-3-4 tier (standard) / Z Door upon request
Drainage:Slotted base and shelves to assist drainage
Weight:Approx 11Kgs without doors / 26Kgs with SGL doors
Ventilation:3 columns of 9.5mm holes for ventilation at back of locker
Internal Fittings:1 & 2 Tier Lockers come as standard with extruded aluminium coat rails & hooks
Fixing:Locker sides are pre-punched for easy fixing
Misc Features:Flat top (standard)

Retainer bar to prevent door opening beyond 90°
Optional Extras:Various sizes / Plinths / End panels / Infill panels / Sloping top / Pre-painted white carcass / Stainless steel carcass

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