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Cantilever Library Shelving

Also known as the standard in library shelving, cantilever shelving was designed specifically for all libraries—and offers a broad range of options and storage accessories to match the needs of your library or business.


Cantilever Shelving can be equal parts rugged strength and pleasing aesthetic design—take a look below to find out more.

Cantilever Shelving Features

    • Unlimited Shelving Options: Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile applications, cantilever or bookstack shelving offers a wide range of options and storage accessories to accommodate a variety of media formats
    • Heavy-Duty Shelving Construction: Engineered for stability, strength, and functionality, our shelving construction meets or exceeds American Library Association standards for structural integrity.
    • Anti-Tip Protection: Systems can be equipped with anti-tip devices either in the system’s overhead or floor anchors, providing an extra measure of system safety—and stability to those in seismic areas.
    • Ability to Reconfigure/Expand System: Easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled, this shelving can relocate or expand easily as needs change.
    • Durable Paint Finishes: With a durable powder-coat paint finish, our cantilever systems can exceed the ALA’s expectations for scuff, scratch, and chip requirements.
    • Wide Array of Design Options: Shelving is available in a wide range of colors, and can be finished with end-panels and finishes that blend seamlessly with the colors and aesthetics of your space.
Custom Library Display Shelving with LED Lighting
Repurposed Library Book Shelving at St. Louis Public Library

Custom Details Add to St. Louis Public Library’s Cantilever Shelving


The St. Louis Public Library was designed in the Italian Renaissance style over a century ago, and when the library decided to undergo a major revamp, it was important to them to keep the elegant and historic feel that the library is known for. Cantilever shelving helped them in this goal—and also worked to modernize the library at the same time.


In order to keep their history intact, cantilever shelving was installed directly into the library’s original wooden bookshelves, and shelving was also fashioned into carts on heavy-duty casters to create mobility for the library’s Children’s Area. The custom bases of the carts allowed for easy configuration of the room at any time.


LED lighting and unique end-panels were also integrated into the final design of the cantilever shelving systems. The custom glass end-panels feature LED lights inside the glass, turning the shelves into pieces of art. Red acrylic end-panels were also used to complement the cantilever shelves in the Library’s Reading Center.

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EZ Rail for Cantilever


Cantilever library shelving has the capability to work in conjunction with Spacesaver’s modular EZ Rail to further transform this shelving system into a holder for industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slatrail, and slatwall accessories.


The EZ Rail is attached to the structural frame and provides the modular shelving system with flexibility and increased configurability. It is a simple, one-piece element designed to hold industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slatrail, and slatwall accessories.  


In addition to EZ Rail migrating into cantilever shelving, it also fastens into other products like 4-Post and Case-Type shelving, FrameWRX modular bin shelving, and Universal Weapons Racks.

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