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Records Management and Retention

Custom-built tracking for your business.


No business’s record management needs are the same. That’s why Bradford Systems developed NetTrax.NET — a barcode tracking system that reduces the cost of managing files and documents that are critical to the daily operations of an organization. Our team will work closely with you to identify your unique tracking needs and create a customized version of NetTrax.NET to provide the most effective records management system for your organization.


Whether you are looking for short-term assistance, or are ready to complete a long-term project, our dedicated staff will approach each management issue holistically, and develop the best plan for your unique business needs.

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NetTrax.NET allows you to specify your company retention schedule and then automatically apply retention policies to all the files in the system. In the event of litigation, a file may be required even past the scheduled destruction date. NetTrax.NET allows you to place the record on hold, which will override the destruction eligibility.


Our Information Management team follows the most complex document retention schedules to facilitate successful reduction and destruction of records. The end result will manage risk properly and provide compliance with regulatory agencies such as SEC, Sarbanes Oxley, and HIPAA.

NetTrax.NET Will Provide Your Business With:


• Management of document lifecycles by record code
• Movement of documents from active to inactive storage
• Identification of documents available for destruction
• Reduce electronic and paper storage costs
• Reduce legal risk using pre-defined retention/destruction schedule
• Assist with regulatory compliance

Audit Trail


NetTrax.NET keeps a full chain of custody for all records in the system. This Audit Trail can be used to help find a missing file, provide historical information on the file in the event of a subpoena, or even be used as documentation of destruction. This Audit Trail can also be used to track evidence in a public safety environment.



One of the most popular features of NetTrax.NET are the reports that the system provides as a result of any post query result. A query of the database can be delivered into a clean, easy to read, printable report. The post query report can then be saved by the user so it will generate on demand or on a defined schedule.

Working with Data


NetTrax.NET has a built in UltraGrid, allowing the user to see search results in a spreadsheet style view. With UltraGrid, the data can be sorted, filtered, grouped as needed, and exported to an Excel file.

Bradford Systems Quality Services


The information held within every business comes with unique processes, practices, and safeguards — Bradford Systems understands this and has been providing customized information management solutions for municipal entities, major corporations, and small businesses for almost 50 years. From document inventory to relocation services, we’re truly the experts in organization.


By employing a permanent Information Management team that fully understands our high-quality business standards, we continually gain the respect and business of companies everywhere.

Interested in our Records Management and Retention Services?
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