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Relocation Services

Ensuring a quick, safe, and stress-free move.


Moving your business to a new address can be a daunting and stressful undertaking. Our Information Management team understands this and wants to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. We’ll focus on your files, books, and boxes, merging collections, purging materials, packing and unpacking, and conducting a final inventory so that you can enjoy a hassle-free move.


Our team of highly-trained staff will ensure your items are transferred to their new home quickly and, most importantly, safely. After our team has left your space, you will enjoy an organized office with room for future growth, and have access to a full inventory of your items.

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Our Relocation Services Include:


• In-depth analysis of each collection for space assignment and future growth
• Purging of unnecessary materials prior to relocation
• Merging collections
• Equipment tagging before and after the move
• Packing/unpacking following the placement plan
• Conducting a final electronic inventory

Bradford Systems Quality Services


The information held within every business comes with unique processes, practices, and safeguards — Bradford Systems understands this and has been providing customized information management solutions for municipal entities, major corporations, and small businesses for almost 50 years. From document inventory to relocation services, we’re truly the experts in organization.


By employing a permanent Information Management team that fully understands our high-quality business standards, we continually gain the respect and business of companies everywhere.

Interested in our Relocation Services?
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