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Smart Lockers

At Bradford Systems, we want to find the storage system that best suits your needs and budget, which is why our Smart Locker consultants will carefully assess your space, listen to your desires, and find you the perfect solution. You deliver to your customers every day, now let us deliver for you.

Smart Locker Features

The Smart Locker System features state-of-the-art locking devices, a modular locker design, and system software to offer you secure, efficient, accountable, and convenient package delivery and auditable asset storage. Our unique software system gives users 24-hour access to their lockers and the ability to track deliveries remotely.

Smart Locker System Benefits

  • 24/7 access for convenient parcel pick-up — no signature required
  • Email and text alerts immediately notify customers after their packages have been delivered
  • Total Security reduces lost packages and keeps deliveries secure
  • State-of-the-art software logs every package drop-off and pick-up for complete parcel tracking and accountability
  • Couriers deliver directly to your locker system to reduce labor and increase efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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